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This person is on a escort board and has reviews with abbreviations that describes sex acts with Eccie. CBJ OR BBBJ are abbreviations used for throwing off the cops-everyone knows what a BJ is. I have no idea why someone would be proud of reviews with such activities and the entire world to see. See for yourself. Here are the links. Craigslist and other sites were shut down and this place is next. PS. she will scream about some security officer, ex cop being jealous and writing bogus charges on her. Most women on escort sites do illegal activities and this is their only means of making money. A cop or security officer has nothing to lose, they are doing their job.

She talks about watching someone put water in their radiator, a boyfriend that is an ex felon, rambles likes a drug addict. watch and see!



Tel: 6O1-67*-876O 9Ol-654-876O 6O1-675-****


Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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This Sister Saint is lying for God knows whatever reason.


Total BS. Please do your research on USM SOUTHERNBELLE.

I have a stellar reputation on any board. This woman is extremely jealous. She's an escort with a bad name & been banned from the boards many times.

Search Anita Lay. Have a great day!!!!


Wow this is some great stuff here. I'm Jodi from Petal.

I graduated in 1992.

I decided to do a search for my married name & all these reports come up with someone named the same as me. Thank goodness I don't go by this name anymore.

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