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Everytime I post to sell I get flagged down ALL the time. I have complain to craigslist but they do nothing about the constant flagging abuse that goes on daily, craiglist sucks.

I since gone else where to sell my mercahandise without being flagged every time. I am not the only one who has had an issue with the flagging abuse, others have also complain about the issue but craiglist does nothing as usual to act on it. I believe some of the flagging abuse is coming from them itself, what is the purpose of selling your merchandise on craiglist if they are going to flag you down soon as you post.

I even looked at all the prohibited items of what not to post and I am doing nothing wrong. I am tired of complaining to craigslist its just a total waist of time.

Location: Brandon, Florida

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I agree Craigslist is getting impossible and they totally ignore any problems as far as posting constantly being flagged. I hope they are not getting paid to ignore the public whenever the flagging is being abused it would not surprise me.

Craigslist is worthless!!!

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