I want to go in to reload my ad on Craigslist and when I wanted to publish it because it had expired I want to publish it and I ended up pushing up flag buttons I tried to undo it but for some reason it wasn't on done so when I realized that I tried to contact Craigslist to see if they can undo it from there and because it was actually about mistake on my hand and I never heard back from them and I really would appreciate if somebody can help me with all this mess because I utilize Craigslist a lot and you know it's kind of hard for me right now and again I apologize because I didn't even realize what I did to actually happen happen thank you in advance for your time? I would recommend future classmates I just wanted them to be aware that when it comes time to get in touch with Craigslist that is very difficult I have left several messages and emails and I just have not heard anybody anything back from anyone

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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