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Hello, How do we solve this!!! "An error has occurred.

Please try again later." when trying to respond to a post. It is really irritating and loosing confidence on Craigslist!!!!!

Any assistance on how to rectify this will be highly appreciated. Most people are loosing business because we can not communicate to the seller. I thought I was the only one experiencing this, But after making some investigation the matter is being complained by many people ...kindly check on your clients feedback and assist them accordingly.

Also I have checked the issue with my browser and its not the one causing the fault.

The internet is good and guess the problem is on your end. Please check....

Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Website.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I am sick of craigslist an error has occurred seems like they are going to *** in a hand basket. It's irritating and people cant be reached.


Just recently been getting an error has occurred whenever I try to uncover the hidden phone number given by a seller on Craigslist. No problem with email response.

I can use my other computer and get the phone number with no problem.

So what is the problem? Perhaps a setting got screwed up on this one computer to prevent the phone number from being shown?


The problem of not getting phone numbers from Craiglist sellers is from my HP Pavillion 23 which has not been updated to windows 10. It is 8.1.

My other HP computer that is on windows 10 is getting the phone numbers. As far as I know I have done nothing to this Pavillion 23 to cause it to all of a sudden stop getting craigslist phone numbers.

See a lot of other people with the same problem. So what the *** is going on?


Update Your 'Browser


Same problem is occurring April 2019. Only complaints here. Waste of time.


i have the same problem , and have send dozens of complaints to craigslist and they don't respond or care about the issues


Temporary workaround: Try it in a different browser. Woulnd't work in Firefox but it works in Chrome for me.


Craigslist might as well figure our problems (errormessage the attempt to rey) van be solved by our helping each other here - NOT! We need to here from YOU! Craigslist!


yeah, i was wanting to check on something and always get the same error. i don't know why they havent addressed this problem cause it has been there for quite a while.

they went to "Captcha" id check and i never seen that in the past.

they need to do something cause i am about to quite Craigslist all together if they don't do something. it is useless to even look for anything if they dont have a phone number in the description.


I am also facing same issue from past 1 month. Has anyone got the fix.


It's been junk ever since those brainless fools decided to team up with google. It's a google behind-the-scnes problem, but craigslist's fault for making those shitbrains be an required part of the code.


Do you get any solution?


Anyone find a cure? It has done my system in as well. I deleted google...it is still not working....Using IE...and doesnt work either.....send me or post a cure if you find or get one...Thanks.

olivier DOYEN

Hi, Did you find it how to fix this issue ? I'm stuck too, impossible to reply on Calironia ads. Best