(709984****) -apartment on 69 Clark Street New Haven Ct. 1 bedroom $650.00 was a fraud and I almost fell for it.

Here is the information I collected for you. The individual who was trying to collect the money on this apartment used the name of Sam Yee.

His telephone number is (541) 246- **** which was said it was from Oregon. His email address is

Yeesam994@***.com. I have contacted the New Haven police because the owner of that house is a

Mr Albert Annunziata and the rents go from1,400 to 1,950.

I did give this guy a lot of my personal information but I gave him a wrong social security number and I didn’t give him any banking information.

I just thought you should be aware of this situation because I’m sure he is going to try to scam more people. Thank you for your concern in this matter.

Sincerely Lucina Garced

(860) 967-****


Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Real Estate Advertisement.

Location: Southington, Connecticut

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