After going on craigslist in miami/dade looking to buy a truck, i came to realize that 80% of the posts were scams! The "text now" scam, google voice scam, the text that requests your email for further pics etc.

the old " im selling my truck due to being deployed to iraq etc. So.... I decided to post my own! I created an ad that had a pic, was too good to be true and when someone would hit on it, i explained about all these scams.

Well, craigslist flagged my post before it even was posted!!!!! They allow all these low lifes, cowards and rejects to post their ad and actually allow this stuff to continue and flagged me!! Lol. What a pos web site!

Im coming to believe that whatever staff works at craigslist ( good luck finding anyone), are in cohoots with the scammers! When is it gonna stop?? I wish that i could find one of these punks in person! What can be done?

Not with the losers that post but the losers that allow them to? The problem lies with craigslist and their responsibility to protect the unaware people that get scammed daily.

Security?? Where?

Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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