Detroit, Michigan
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Huh? You can post an ad seeking help and you're called *** and no one does anything about it?

Come on, Craigslist... you are on your way to being the "Backpage".... dissolved!

Get it together!

Take a look at this hate-filled email

In this day and age, many folks hide behind a computer and a keyboard. Folks can be anything they want, including racist.

So, Craigslist and to this DOLARHYDE person, what you give out, comes back to you!

If you are out there and you believe that using words such as *** and *** are good to use, then you are a part of the problem of this world.

Hate is a disease and unfortunately it will never be cured.

Folks are no longer safe in their communities or now online... SAD...


Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Website.

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