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i responded to a craigs list offering that i still see posted all the time from life alert, SALES PROS-$3000-$4000 A WEEK, i went for an interview with a leon and then attended a class for days with a audrey teaching and the manager gabby. i started working with them for 3 of the worst weeks of my life.

it is a shame what they do.

how can craigslist continue to run their ads, i am sure cragslist has received plenty of complaints, don't they check out who and what the jobs are about. if not im calling on craigslist to investigate.

Location: New York, New York

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If you want to make $100 a week this is the job for you. Calling this place a nightmare is beyond an understatement STAY AWAY


Really! You want CL to verify each job add!!!

How about they also verify each roommate, house for sale, rental, and misc item for sale! Get real! How about the same rule apply to newspapers, and bulliten boars in grocery stores! Take a little responsibility for your own choices and maybe do a little research before jumping into things, then blaming someone else for your poor choice.

I did something simular over 20 years ago, that was a bad experience. I blamed noone but myself - I didn't blame the newspaper where the add was posted.


run away from them

i finished training on monday morning and the some day some women told me that the only way gaby will let a woman earn good money is to sleep with him, i did not return the next day.


What a nightmare, wasted valuable earning time there at Life Alert. Their manager, gaby gonen, audrey and leon are a one of a kind group.

The kind u wish u never met. stay away, save the subway fare and ur time of ever going there


It's not Craigslist's fault! Do you really expect them to do background checks on all their ads or something!? You got screwed by Life Alert, direct your anger at the right people!

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