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I had a post about room rentals on Craigslist recently.It showed up flagged for removal.

Not wanting that kind of bad image because a flagged post can come across as derogatory about the poster, I went into the linked post edit/delete area which was sent to my email when I originally posted the ad. It no longer allowed me to edit the posting. So I went into the account associated with the post via the email address. I tried to delete it from there, but was not able to.

So I wrote Craigslist. I had two different email addresses going, one associated with the post a newer one associated with a newer email address and account. This is because Craigslist has a policy that you cannot change an email address for 30 days. Since the post that was flagged was associated with a now deleted email account, I reopened the email account and tried to connect with the post and contact form from there, thinking it might help.

It did not. So I deleted that account associated with that older email address (that had just been re-activiated) thinking deleting the account all posts associated with it (in this case the one that had been flagged for removal) would be deleted immediately so that it would no longer show up on as being flagged for removal. It did not remove that flagged post; it is still there today on 9/11/2016. I have been messing with this for days.

I wrote to three different department or topic sections through that craigslist contact form - the final one out of desperation to the legal/police section. I indicated I had extra concerns about being targeted by gangstalking and/or religious fundamentalists or male discriminators - that the flagging might have been associated with people targeting my ads for personal vendettas. However, after writing to that department of the contact form, I remembered I had seen signs of possible malware on the post after I had edited and published from a community college public computer. I thought at the time the malware might have been associated with that public computer.

I was going to go back in and re-publish from another computer later, but it was getting late that day and not having home internet access, I was going to wait until the next day. in the meantime the last room I had to offer was rented that evening, so I was then going to delete the posted ad the next morning as soon as I could get to an internet location. By that time that morning, the flag had shown up on that post.

Again I tried to delete it from every angle I could think of, because the flagging was embarrassing and I did not want to be associated w I have not had one single response and again, the post is still there.

I have threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau, probably one associated with San Francisco, California, which is where the associated is listed.That address is 222 Sutter St., F19, San Francisco, CA 94108j.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. thegoldenriver stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service and unjust removal of ads and flagged posts cannot be deleted by posting person. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "have repeatedly demanded a flagged free post be deleted" of craigslist advertisement. Craigslist needs to "delete the flagged free post immediately" according to poster's claims.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1226442

This is the author of the post here.This is a quick update on 10/13/2016.

I sent a complaint to the BBB in San Francisco the jurisdiction of that area. The complaint was closed because of no response from Craigs List. The problem with the system is that once an ad is tagged, you have no recourse or control over deleting the ad or getting answers, and the forum for such thing brings in some very malicious people with equally malicious comments. Much of the advice from fellow ad posters seems to be low grade and not useful at all, not applicable, as well.

So you have jerks responding and ignorant people responding.

So the forum, supposedly to help with such issues, is not really a response forum but a waste of time.Flagged ads should be deletable by the poster.

to Anonymous #1291692

No, once the ad is flagged it goes away into cyber neverland. Try rewording your ad and reposting. It might have been your competition flagging the ad.

to Anonymous #1291778

Thank you for the comments that it goes into cyberneverland, that is a good way to describe it and yes, I think some funny business was going on around the issue at that time.I think there are some stalkers hanging around Craigslist postings doing strange things with both the ads and to the people who post them, including pretending to be someone else to come look at a property or item for sale, or writing mean comments.

It is probably related to gangstalking.I did complain to that BBB in San Francisco, with no response from Craigslist.

Take care.

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