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I'm a landlord of a property in Vancouver. I no longer live in Vancouver. When it comes time to rent out my property, I post an ad on Craigslist and Kijiji, take calls about the property, then travel to Vancouver to meet with any interested tennants, or have a friend there show the property. So far, this formula has been successful for me.

The other day, while on vacation, I posted my condo for rent, as the current tennants are moving out. To my suprise, the ad did not post. I went to the help forum on Craigslist.org and I was told by the help staff that " I need to be in the local area when posting ads, and that Craigslist was a local listing service only". They further suggested that I have a friend in Vancouver post the ad for me, but obviously, this is quite a bit of messing around just to post an ad.

The issue is that Craigslist is a popular choice for tennants to search for properties, but because I happen to be outside of the Vancouver area when I POST THE AD, they are refusing to post it. This is frustrating beyond belief for a landlord who doesn't necessarily happen to be in the city when they NEED to POST THE AD. This could also be true for people who actually live in Vancouver, but choose to post the ad while they're on a work trip, for example.

Craigslist has enough 'flags' and other sign up type scam inhibitors. If the reason for this non local, no post issue is to reduce scams, unfortunately they're ruining the service for many legitimate landlords, and potentially many happy tennants. CRAIGSLIST.ORG - Please let posts from outside of the local area occur, and let the CONSUMER decide and notify you if they're being scammed. There are several other ways to stop real estate scamming than blocking legitimate landlords the privilege of using the site. Please rectify this. Until then Kijiji it is.


Location: Scarborough, Ontario

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Unfortunately, I think the rules are the same for kijiji. I'm a landlord from Calgary currently overseas & need to advertise & rent out my property.

Kijiji won't allow me to post from outside the local area, while I did successfully with craigslist....strange.

I agree with your post exactly. Best of luck!

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