Its been about 6 months where my account on craigslist was put on what they call "hold". I have no reason why.

They very graciously give you an email address to get in "contact" with them, but all you get is this form letter back which means nothing. Even the phone number they give is rediculous. I used to sell things and buy things on CL and now I cant. I dont understand why this is happening and I surely wish a real person would be able to tell me whats going on.

Its rediculous if you ask me. Please help

Location: Reston, Virginia

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CL can be beaten, the raleigh boyz have proved that. Lose an account make a new one I have made 100s I dont know why CL bothers to block anyone.

They blacklist the phone from the blocked account pay phones store phones friends phones no end to all the phone numbers out there to use. I would hold a raffle everyone would give me their phone number I would make 25 new account in less than an hour, the accounts were worth $50 to $100 to realtors who were having problems posting too much.


any replies to anonymous post #116**** , btw, send messages to riprichiea@***.com


Exact same issue here, I've never 'spammed" anyone, my ad volume is very low, in fact, at time I was placed on hold, I only had one active ad. Like yourself, I got an idiotic form email reply suggesting I go to the forums for help, lol..

I can't even post on the forums without being logged in anyway, and I'm blocked from logging in. I have never advertised any banned item. I had a number of bike ads deleted as soon as I would post them, there was never any reason given for those deletions, the 'helpful' souls on forums back then told me that my ads did not contain enough details about item, and that either buyers or sellers were probably maliciously reporting them leading to them being taken down.At that time the ads were under 'private seller", when they kept being taken down, I put them in "dealer" category. Only ad I had running when account was suspended was one in dealer category.

I doubt anyone hacked my account and posted spam or banned items on it, because then I'd have gotten confirmation emails on those listings?

None such arrived.

So, apparently, that is it. They put the account on hold which is effectively a cancellation, and you have no one to even contact for a reason why, all you get is some crank on the forums telling you that "gee, maybe, you breached TOS?"

Anyway, CL can stick it's site up their ***, it is more trouble than the retards are worth.


The Raleigh Boyz leader chump has finished college and has moved on, he sold his flag bot to a car dealer that is making good use of it, the club still carries on. Some of the Raleigh Boyz members are from the hackers Anonymous and last month there was a 2 hour interruption in the craigslist website.The CL staff responded by permanently blocking the word ' raleigh boyz' from being posted on any CL board in the world...you go boyz!


the raleigh boyz work for CL they hunt for rant addicts and ban their accounts


I work for the raleigh boyz and we have been giving CL *** for years. I personally have lost over 300 accounts, and I have helped many fight back. CL is a breeding ground for petty crime and the owners are greedy thinking only about the almighty buck.


You will never be able to find out either. They never get back to you if you send a "help" question and they delete legitimate ads, including real job ads, but allow real spammers and scammers and dangerous people to post.

Go figure.

That's pretty messed up. They must have *** working there is all I can say.


They run it like a small dictatorship.

No customer service whatsoever, no wonder they are losing ground to newcomers.


Aaaaah, i hate Craigs List. My account is all messed up and I can't reply to any post.

And half my post aren't showing. Yes they have a contact email.

And what good is that? I haven't heard anything from them in months and have pretty much given up.


dont give up, make new accounts change your IP..you need a dynamic ip clean your cookies..when there is a will there is a way. :grin


Hi, I was put "on hold" by Craigslist for overposting. I rent out a room in my house.

How can I start posting again. Do I need to buy a new computer for a new IP address? Or, can I just get a 2nd gmail email address & password?

I'm computer challenged. Thx

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