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December 2018 I posted a ad wanting to hire myself out as temporary help with landscaping,auto detailing,house cleaning, anything detail service oriented to earn extra cash and help make customers happy with getting a job done. My Craigslist ad had my phone number listed.

Spammers and scammers from way outside my county and state started texting me with far away area codes with suspicious replys. "Hey We have a job for you. They made it sound like they wanted me to do a illegal drug deal. I quickly modified my CL ad also to say that I was seeking honest,local work only and that I did not want deceptive tactics or scammers replying to my ad.

My CL ad was instantly removed or flagged and weeks later my CL ad is still sitting in my CL account and they or AI will not release my ad for republication. I tried calling San Francisco based CL and nobody picks up the phone. I even emailed them and they never bothered to email me back. Two thumbs down for Craigslist.

Flush em down the toilet.

They are the equivalent to the local sewer system. It's all a waste.

Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Account.

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Craig’s List truly does SUCK! If you’re not a girl looking for a payday, (or pay/hour), or some guy wanting to hook up with another guy, don’t bother posting an ad!

ANYBODY can flag your ad for ANY reason. Even because they don’t like what you said or you don’t agree with their perverted point of view. So much for “Freedom of Speech”! Way to go Craig’s List!

*** the Bill of Rights! Right?


Same deal here! I must guess that Craig Newmark is on a mix of drugs and alcohol, and to full of himself.

Im using Facebook now, but am looking at other venues, as well. Not wasting another moment on craigslits nonsense.


My pictures, My time, craigslist flags my ads. *** them


Craigslist is pure BS...........


Craigslist has no telephone to call them and they never respond to emails. It truly sux


Hi, Thank you for replying to my Craigslist complaint on this site. Craigslist does have numbers to call but it's automated voicemail system and when I tried to get a live person no one answered.


Craigslist has numerous numbers, but good luck trying to reach anyone there. Craigslist Corporate Office Address #1 : 989 Market St #200, San Francisco, CA 94103 Craigslist Corporate Office Address #2 : 1381 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122 Craigslist Corporate Office Address #3 : 222 Sutter Street, 9th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94108 Craigslist Corporate Office Phone Number #1 : 1-415-566-6394 Craigslist Corporate Office Phone Number #2 : 1-415-399-5200 Craigslist Corporate Office Phone Number #3 : 1-415-566-9844 Craigslist Corporate Office Phone Number #4 : 1-800-664-0633 Craigslist Corporate Office Fax Number #1 : 1-415-504-6394


Your final pair of sentences summed it up nicely. I've never heard a single good thing about Craigslist ; but I have heard of people murdered responding to ads for hired help. Do yourself a (perhaps lifesaving !) favor and STAY OFF.


Thank you for replying to my posting. I agree.

Craigslist is full of trouble these days of various kinds.

I will listen to your advice. Thank you again.