I have witnessed men in craigslist Manila Rants and Raves try to destroy another countries beautiful culture, they posted ***, took information from that site to perform doxing, stalking,posted ***, child ***, they threatened me, used flagging software and abused a rants and raves for social chat and when i reported it, craigslist did nothing at all.

Craigslist supports prostitution and stalkers, they dont even uphold their own TOU!, ill never use that site ever again. It's a shame that all of this is allowed, because they are too lazy to moniter forums, they use a broken flag system to save a few extra bucks.

Location: Manila, Manila

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This woman is leaving part of the story out. She was answering guys personal ads pretending to be in their areawhen shes actually in the philippines then get their debit card info. She also was selling kiddie pictures


I can't believe I agree with you , but I do

I have had nothing but negitive experience

When trying to deal with Graigs list.

They permit sleezy post ,and ads

Then the childish

Help forum responses are crude and rude and remove real ads.

They are not helping at all , making wise remarks and smarty *** comments

That is not help it is childish abuse .

I think they should be charged in aiding sleeze balls commit crimes

If they are the point of contact and facilitate the perverts then they are as guilty as the offender.

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