i cant place any adds why? craigslist has me on hold and wont except my debit card i tried calling i have emailed and no response.....my email is gdharley1964@***.com...my phone number is 303-396-**** i cant place any adds why for handy man andy craigs list has me on hold wont except my debit card and i dont know why ....call me as soon as possable please 303-396-**** Handy Man Andy i have been denied evertime i try to place a add and i have been placing adds for over 20 years with craigs list ....i cant place any adds for my company and i havent a clue why please contact me *** soon as possable

Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Account.

Reason of review: cant place adds wont except my debit card.

Craigslist Cons: Cant place my adds.

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Same problem here


I have the same problem. I used my debit card to place ads for services before and now for some reason it keeps declining my card even though all the information I put in it was correct.


has anyone found a solution to this debacle? I'm having the same issue. How do you get around this?


Same issue here but with a CC. I know Law Enforcement forced them to change some things and I am wondering if they are just posting fake adds to stay alive....I have even sent similar posters notes asking questions with no reply's...very weird.

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