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I hired David Smith for a small deck and fence repair job. He did an exceptionally poor job putting together the deck and when I called to ask when he would return to fix and reinforce the boards that were buckling and bending he never responded.

He committed to doing the repairs as well as staining the deck etc however after he shabbily put it together he disappeared. When I left a scathing message he did not have the courtesy to return my call and instead sent a lame text to tell me me he was at his mother's funeral. David never came back to fix any of the crappy mistakes he made or the 5 other things he said he would do such as stain the deck, fix leak etc. He did such a horrible job I had to hire a someone else who thank god was a professional.

The new guy had to rip out everything David did and start over since it was all done so horribly wrong. It was my fault for trusting someone who obviously has no clue as to how to do basic repair (i live in a condo so it was not a huge job so it was not rocket science). If I knew David Smith would do such a crappy job I would never have hired him and done it myself -- at least I could blame myself for the severely amateur handy work.

David had no problem cashing my hard earned money but obviously no integrity. Will never make the mistake again of hiring anyone off of Craig's list again.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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