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CraigsList.org is a bunch of crap. They refused to allow our charity to post a need for a donation of a vehicle on their site, but check out all the rest of the crap they allow to be posted! They flagged and removed our ad twice! It read as follows:

Pro Players Association is in dire need of a new/used vehicle. Our present vehicle, a '99 Dodge Durango which had been donated by O'Meara Ford in 2006, has served us well, having given us several good years of use.

The head gasket blew taking several other integral parts with it. Repairs on the Durango would present a substantial cost on an engine that has very high mileage on it.

The vehicle is used not only for the many facets of community service and fundraising work performed by PPA, but also as an Emergency Response Vehicle for our volunteer emergency services group, Statewide Emergency Management Response/Denver Search & Rescue/SKYWARN. We provide volunteer emergency services and community services throughout the USA, and our fund raising efforts reach out to the global community.

Without a vehicle, we have been put out of commission. Our response for volunteer emergency service needs is presently unavailable. We are unable to transport any of our equipment and materials to present our fundraising and/or community service efforts. Our ability to continue to provide these services has screeched to a halt, we have no current means of transportation.

If anyone has a used SUV, automatic transmission/4-wheel drive vehicle in good-running condition, that they would like to donate, or know of someone willing to donate parts/services to repair our vehicle, or even have a vehicle which they can loan, please contact Pro Players Association at 720-327-**** or by email.

Pro Players Association is a 501(c)3 non profit charity. We are funded strictly by donations and contributions. Denver Search & Rescue is not affiliated in any way with the City & County of Denver. Financial contributions can be made online at http://www.proplayersassociation.org. Donations and contributions are tax-deductible.

Letters of Reference are available regarding PPA's dire need of a vehicle at http://www.proplayersassociation.org/sponsorship.

Pro Players Association is headquartered in Peyton, Colorado.

Please HELP us to continue responding to those in need. Thank you for your consideration.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS AD? We asked them to reply. They don't even read or respond to any customer service email! What BS!

Location: Meridian, Idaho

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Did you READ the above complaint??? Pay for an ad? What part of CHARITY did you miss?


People always *** about craigslist it's free what is there to complain about go pay for a ad and you won't have that problem?

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