beware of 6092222078 Nate for your home service. he drives hundai jrz 9419 with pennsylvania plates.

It was a nightmare ! He does not know the job, messes up the whole place, very irresponsible and unreliable. pesters for partial payment and doesnt show up the next day. paint splattered all over floor. does not clean up leaves his drinks and other items in your place. leaves the paint cans and trays open etc. the trim paint has drips dried up.

Do not use Nate as the painter. search for 6092222078 and do not get any service from him if you do not want to suffer. we were so traumatized by the whole experience.

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That bad?


Yep same thing pestered for partial payment before the work was even started.


he sucks and threatened me for the job

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1282458

couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!! his services were TERRRRRIBLE.

NEVER NEVER AGAIN... you get what you pay for. everything this person said is true. begs for partial payment.

cups, garbage, cigarettes, everywhere and paint all over the floor. complete LIAR.

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #1262870

Plagiarizing other peoples ads

Flag Him!

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1068920

robert i hate that guy if i ever seen him again ill smash his *** face and braid his hair

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