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This is what happened to lady who's a member of a group Im on, dog flippers are using craigslist and facebook all the time taking free dogs/puppies and then selling them on for $'s

Charly Mims

This happened to me Sunday! Determined to not let this awful woman get away with it.

I am 7 months pregnant, I have a 7yr old daughter and we are moving into a new home next week. After long hard contemplation we decided to re-home our Chihuahua Munchie. 4yrs old fawn. We posted an ad on Craigslist last Saturday April 21st, 2012. I got plenty of responses, but I wanted him to go to a home with kids and a family that would love him. She told me it was for her daughter's birthday and they would love him. I spoke to her via email (I still have these) then finally gave her a call (also have text messages). I told her we would meet at a neutral place later in the day. I took Munchie to get an up to date rabies shot, his nails cut a bath for his big day. I feel horrible now! She brought her kids with her and we met at a neutral location. The kids played with him. They looked happy. We asked could we stay in touch, and she agreed. I even checked on him later that evening, she said he was fine. By the 22nd this evil woman had our dog for sale. He looks so scared in the pictures. I called her and asked her about why the ad was up and she said she had no knowledge of it and she still had the dog. I told her I would flag the ad and start an investigation because I felt uncomfortable. She had things in the ad no one else would know. I feel terrible that this has happened. I have spoken to a reporter and I am planning to have my friends buy the dog back and record it all.

My ad- http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/pet/297093****.html

Hers-- http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/pet/297258****.html

Free Chihuahua


Location: Rochester, New York

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First of all. It may not be as bad as you think if your animal was given to a dog flipper.

I know someone who gets free puppies in Craigslist and sells them for a small fee to make some extra money. And let me tell you. These dogs are in puppy paradise at thier house. They have a big fenced in yard with trees and 2 or three water and food bowls.

And they keep thier garage door opened so that they can come in through the back. These dogs are being very well taken care of even though they will be sold to someone. So its really not that bad. Yes.

You may give your dog to someone who has 50 puppies inside a 1 bedroom apartment with *** everywhere. But not all dog flippers are cruel.

If you don't want that *** to happen. Sell them for 50 bucks and no dog flipper will buy them.


This is a case in point for everyone to put a decent price in their ads when advertising a pet for sale. NEVER PUT FREE IN A PET AD. Especially on Craigslist, the site from ***.

I know everyone likes free pets and Craigslist people prefer to see pets listed for free, but an owner is just asking for a FLIPPER to get their pedigreed or almost pedigreed dog and flip it or breed the heck out of it.

In my opinion this is the seller/lister's fault. Just chalk it up to experience. It is not against the law to FLIP a pet. Yes, it is sad someone did this, but there is nothing you can do.

I have tried to put pet help ads on Craigslist to warn posters to put a price in their ads. I have been flagged within hours. I got a warning from CL to desist listing these notes in the Pet Column and to use the Rants and Raves Column instead. They were relegating me to the column where wierdos list their X-rated comments on trash! THAT is how caring CL is when it comes to listing live animals on their site....NOT.


I would suggest in the future all persons giving away free dogs have the receiver sign an agreement that they will not sell or barter the dog. Have the dogs photo and ID on the agreement, along with any identifiable marks.

Have it notarized! If they do sell the animal, you then can take them to court for breech of contract and perhaps get the dog back if it's still in her possession.


:sigh It is becoming an epidemic...I run a Free Pets to Good Homes (No Animal Shelters) on FB. We recently had almost the exact same thing happen to a member. Then another lady told us about her dog...It's horrible...



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