Fraudulent advertising and scam of a 2001 Honda Civic- Ad number

(461b177f94db31a2bd21d2641e9682b3) @ sale

On 29 Sept. 2021

Was frauded $800 dollars

Seller's name- Tanya Foster

and EBay motor sale

I was frauded and scammed by the ad on Craigslist by a woman named Tanya Foster who was selling a 2001 silver color Honda Civic and was having ebay to collect the money for the sale of the car.

The agent's at ebay try to collect additional money for insurance for transportation of the car of $600- which I refused to pay. I asked for my guaranteed refund through EBay. In trying to get refunded the people at EBay begin playing games trying to get my bank information and trying to access to my android phone through the "Open Desk App" so they could easily have access into my phone's information.

I've tried to contact Ebay on this and get refunded without no success.

This has put me in a position not to trust Craigslist or EBay ever again in the future. I never been so much in the dark with and online network as I with these two companies.

They will never regain my trust or confidence in them again.

And yes I have all emails and receipts of these communications.

Please help: Anthony R. Douglas


User's recommendation: Do not correspond through electronic communications. Issist on in person only transactions.

Location: Wichita, Kansas

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