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I enquired About a rental and was in contact with the landlord Going back-and-forth of you in the house him getting my information from me doing credit check all that for about a month. She had promised me in writing that I could have the rental then a few days before I was to sign papers he changed his mind and said that he was going to give it to somebody else and I told him well I have it in writing that he promised me the rental, and therefore he had to give it to me, but the whole time the rental was listed for 2950 per month to rent and ONE DAY before I sign the lease agreement he hiked it up to 3400.

He said oh it was a misprint and changed it really quick on craigslist so then it said 3400 but the entire time for the entire month he had it listed for 2950. I found out that the people who lived in this rental before me pay 2900, so he was only going to raise at $50 to us but instead because he was so pissed off he had to give it to me because he had put it in writing he raised it up that much.

I had already moved out of my previous apartment I mean I had to take it and now Im struggling paying the rent and I think its unfair that he did that and I want to get some kind of proof that he placed the original posting at 2950 per month. Hes a horrible landlord we have had to pay thousands of dollars of damages from the people before and plumbing issues and that has came out of our own pocket when in fact he should be paying for this.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Just a copy of the original posting that was listed at $2950 per month.

Location: Pleasant Hill, California

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Unfortunately it only matters what was stated in the signed lease. If it said $3400 in the lease, you had the option of walking away.

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