I use craigslist everyday because it was the one of only free advertising site. Most of my business came from craigslist.

The liberalism of charging $5 per post has caised a major decline in customers since March 15th. I will not pay $5 per posting when there are other sites that do not charge you. You have lost this loyal customer. Everyone else i spoke with said they will no longer be using craigslist.

Before you guys did this to help people advertise as well as to make money. Now your only doing it for money.

AMERICAN GREED AT ITS FINEST. I may be considering to sue Craigslist.

Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Advertisement.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You are the greedy one, expecting to get free ads. Online company not required to answer the phone -- what do you expect?


You idiot! How is he the greedy one.

Let someone use you to spread referrals to their site for years and then you build your livelyhood off of it, then they snatch the rug from underneath you and see how your life goes.

You're probably one of the owners. Your heartless.....

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