I was looking on Craigslist in the free section and saw something I was interested in.

I clicked on the tile that is in the upper left corner to respond to the ad and every single time even with other ads I get error has occurred please try again later.

Has been like this for days now.

I can post ads but there is error message

Every time I try to respond to the ad I select.

What is going on ?

Does anybody know?

Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Account.

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where is my comment?


I just got my HP laptop back from HP repair. Now every time i hit reply on ANY ad posted on craigslist it says ( an err occurred ) Including my ad when i hit the phone number to see.

What happened and how can i get it to work before i sent it in for repair? 8-16 2019


I am not sure why this is happening but, when I use internet explorer same computer works fine. It also works on my Mac so I think it is actually Chrome. I sometimes have trouble playing audio while streaming, I found this to be a setting in chrome.


Craigslist is *** me off, they are alienating so many decades old users. they dont have any way to contact them they dont have instagram or twitter so now this car i want to maybe buy i cant contact. they need to stop with this extra crap and go back to a basic design.




July 2019 I am having the same problem. Nothing I've tried has resolved it.

Also, every now and then it works just fine. Definitely a Craigslist problem. Emailed them last night and got an auto-reply with the usual "Help" resources, nothing that addresses this issue.

Obviously this has been going on for months and they have no interest in fixing it. Start posting your phone numbers in the body of your ads, folks...


Zed Cartwright - I recently started having the same problem with the error has occurred statement when trying to get a phone number on craigslist on my HP Pavilion 23 which has 8.1 as I have not upgraded to 10. I recently bought another HP which has 10.

I can get the phone number on the new computer just fine. What's up?


i had same problem when on firefox. changed to safari and it's working. i'm on mac.


I had this problem, I use Nord VPN which loads a background program at start up. The VPN is not running.

Opened Task Manager, clicked on the VPN, end process, and all is well with Craig's list. I think it sees the VPN as a bot or something irregular.

Win 7 Ultimate SP 1. Hope this helps.


Yup. That was my problem. Turned off VPN and it worked!


I'm trying to shop while on the road, but I'm unable to contact any of the people that have the items I want. What's the deal?

All I want to do is contact them for more information, but CL has created a block that makes it impossible to ask questions of something that I want to buy when I'm in town. Absolutely terrible!


Live in L.A., trying to respond to L.A. jobs...

error just started today.

So it's not a fooking "location" issue or anything to do with my browser. Would appreciate CL addressing this.


"Error has occurred please try again later"-WTF-come on craigslist!!!fix this please!!!


Having the same problem, two weeks now , I buy a lot of bicycles from Craigslist, looks like I’m going to find other resources!!! **** Craigslist


Why is no-one at Craigslist responding to this error?


It is not a geographic issue. This just started for me.

I am trying to reply to Craigslist ads of things for sale on Oahu, Hawaii. I live on Oahu. My computer is on Oahu. I keep getting the same message when browsing with Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Howver, I can hit the link when using Safari on my iPhone going through the same router and modem as my desktop computer! If I were the seller, I would not be amused!


Helllloooooo Craigslist? Anybody home!?

We're having an intractable PROBLEM - we can't REPLY to ads, consistent ERROR message.

Where ARRRRRE you Craigslist? Napping?AMY would like SOME HOPEFUL response, feedback!


Fix the ERROR message Craigslist - you KNOW which one - NUMEROUS are complaining re!


It's a mess


add Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy to chrome

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