I was looking on Craigslist in the free section and saw something I was interested in.

I clicked on the tile that is in the upper left corner to respond to the ad and every single time even with other ads I get error has occurred please try again later.

Has been like this for days now.

I can post ads but there is error message

Every time I try to respond to the ad I select.

What is going on ?

Does anybody know?

Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Account.

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Me too. What’s going on?


I'm using Tor, Brave, Safari, Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox & Opera - with or without private windows, clearing caches, resetting browser history etc etc - nothing works. Craigslist are very unfriendly in their support of anyone outside of the USA - If anyone has a way to resolve this I'm sure many of us would be appreciative. I'm going to try TeamViewer via a friends computer in Texas in the meantime.


Someone posted that CL is now associated with "Monster G", IDK if that's true but would certainly explain the lack of interest on their part since CL is still free- we get the tech support we pay for.


Use Tor Browser.


I'm having the same issue. I'm looking for a sublet in NYC from Australia and can't reply to any of the ads.


I'm facing the same issue from last couple of weeks and now I realized that I'm not only one here LOL! And, I think its an issue from the Craigslist's end.

I write numbers of emails to support, but no luck! :(


will somebody fix this problem, I can not respond to any ads in forsale. all I get is a error has occurred try again later. will someone at craighs list please fix this, customers are missing lots of sales


Same problem on my android for 3 days now. Tried everything and nothing works


go thru a different browser


"Smitty"..., don't you think one of the thousands of people all over the world that has posted about this would have tried that? The verdict is in: IT'S A CRAIGSLIST FAILURE.

here's a tip: think...... THEN speak.


Oh, why didn't the international group of people that has posted here think of that? What would the world do without feeble minded people like "SMITTY"


No it's crazy. I sent several messages to the tehnical suppor t of Craigslist, but no answer :(


Man you never get an answer from these useless mother *** The only people that don't have a problem is the damn *** web sites trying to get you info. Ever noticed that. What a useless bunch of ***


Same Problem I am facing from last 1 month. Has anyone got any solution?


Same same same


Same is here ..


same problem


Same issue. I'm located in France, I can't reply to California's ads !!


Yeah it's pretty *** up I can't get any work because of the response ***


I have the same problem, I am trying to respond to a house for rent in Europe and getting the " An error has occurred. Please try again later" so having no way of responding to these ads.

I have tried 3 different computers (windows 7 and 10) also tried Tablets and smartphone as well as clearing Cache and cookies as some recommend, none would work . I am pretty sure the advertiser are losing a lots of customers with this problem.

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