I purchased a used Kenmore Elite refrigerator on Craigs list from NICAS appliances. It came with a 30 day warranty.

The day after my purchase the unit started making strange noises. I contacted the man who sold it to me and he said if it did'nt stop he would come back. I trief for 3 days to get in touch with him without any response. I called him from a different phone and he answered on the second ring.

He lied and said he would come the next day at 10:00 am.

Never showed, never called. I had to contact someone else to come out and fix this bogus unit

Reason of review: Appliance company selling me a refrigerator that does not work then not honnoring their .

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Daughter purchased a refrigerator and it worked for a month. Was told at time of purchase it had a 3 month warranty however multiple attempts to call, email and text go unanswered.

Now stuck with a clunker to either try to fix or dispose of. Don’t buy from the vendor.


same thing happen to me

Nicas Appliances is a scam

writes you out a warranty worth nothing


Yeah the same thing happened to me. I purchased a GE fridge that they claimed was working 100%.

It has been a headache ever since we've had it.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.. They are on Craigslist selling junk...


same thing happened with my samsung

how can we do something to get our money back?


same happened with me. Did you resolve this?

He won't answer my calls. Thinking about small claims court.


Yes the same thing happened to me with a GE frig. What was the other phone number you called?


An update to my post: Alex the owner did come out to fix the frig. He did a great job at fixing the frig and its working great. I would use him again.


the same just happened to me with a GE refrigerator

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