I tried to reach Craigslist on several occasions that explains the situation and I have not received any response back yet the situation was as that I mistakenly had pushed the flag but instead of public cuz I was free publishing my ad and when I went to publish it I push the flag but not try to undo it and couldn't so I had tried to contact Craigslist so that they can Rectify it and I never got a response and I'm kind of very disappointed because I have been with Craigslist for a while and never have this has happened so I'm just trying to reach out to see if it can be corrected from there and because I could not do it from my end and I will appreciate your help in this matter? I really don't know what to say as far as for the future references because I never had an issue with Craigslist until now and I thought that there would be some kind of way that I can contact so that you can be rectified but they never reach back out it's almost as if everything is automated Eros to happen

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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