Every time I post an ad seeking employment, it's flagged and removed almost immediately. I went to the help pages and submitted the form, including the post IDs as directed and have received no response.

I tried calling customer service, but they only have options for paying customers. There was nothing inappropriate about what was stated in any of my ads. I was contacted by someone claiming to be a realtor that wanted me list properties for rent using my accounts. I did one and it was immediately removed and then I informed that person that I wouldn't be doing anymore because I thought something was amiss.

Ever since that happened, all of my job seeking posts have been flagged and removed within minutes. I am a real person, seeking a legitimate job, but can't get any assistance.

Not only have I used Craigslist for years, but I have been a paying customer when my previous job required placing ads for help, selling off inventory, etc. Just ridiculous that posts can be repeatedly flagged unfairly and you can't get any help from their customer service.

Location: Athens, Texas

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