I found a lady on craigslist with husky pups -free, we texted and emailed. After she found out where I lived (nj) she said she lived in Seatle Washington, she could have the puppy shipped to me.

So the shipping company uship pro delivery needed a payment of $250.00 only by western union ( which should have sent a red flag up but I really wanted this pup),so I did as asked, they sent me the flight schedule. The next morning they email me to say they need another $770.00 for pet insurance where the supposed overlay was in Chicago I don't have the money -they said I could be brought up on animal abuse and negliigant charges.

Scam yes as soon as I emailed them that I was taking the emails and phone #s to the Redlion State police - which I just did- all contact stopped. her name was Jessica vincente his azia Wallace more then likely not their real names

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Also scammers on goldendoxie.com with email of doxieworld33@gmail.com. I usually do not get sucked into this but know of a friend who ordered a dog online and everything was fine. I pray for karma to bite hard.


I've got someone doing it right now, with German Shepherds, I was all go till it showed up Western Union, glad I checked here, about UShip.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1271438

I was about to purchase siberian pups with papers and vaccines and everything in order and offeered to ship all the way to idaho which seemed too good to be true. The person lives in bowie maryland by the name bryan.

In the ad in craigslist it says on the e-mail himboramsii@outlook.com but when i actually sent the e mail it was the exact same everyone else has put up so far. Im happy i looked up the e-mail amd realized it was scam before i gave out more info and proceeded with everything.

Or else we would of given up 250 and probably even more. Beautiful pups, sad its all scam.

Avon, Indiana, United States #1240686

I know my fiancé and I just went through the exact same thing,


It's a scam it's actually a African guy who said he'll post on the internet that "I" abuse my dogs since I reported him. It's crazy

to Anonymous Romulus, New York, United States #1241614

Thank you! I received an e-mail from him after inquiring about a husky ad on Craigslist.

It sounded fishy so I googled his e-mail.

I'm so sorry you went through this...you saved me! What a shame.


These people targeted me today. They took my name and address as well as mobile number.

I thought it was fishy when they sent me a long detailed message of them not being frauds in really bad English.

Their names they are going by are Taor and Brian. The email they are using is: sonyavau@gmail.com and ONM290237@gmail.com.

to Anonymous Avon, Indiana, United States #1240684

This literally just happened to me like 10 minutes ago. The guy is actually African. He lied saying he was a older women and almost got $200 out of my fiancé and I.


She's also going by Jessica Fancher with a Chicago number +1 (872) 221-9963


We almost fell for it as well this is a scam do not fall for it.


Yes, same images of Siberian puppies. THIS IS A SCAM!

Don't send money for shipping! There are NO puppies!

Shame on them!

Reno, Nevada, United States #1086140

Hello from Reno, Nevada! Confirmed this is a SCAM!

Jessica Vicente posted free husky puppies on Craig'slist 12/26/15; I replied, she said she and her husband relocated to Helena, Montana and could ship puppies to me. I said no to shipping and would pick up dogs in person.

They didn't get my money and there are NO PUPPIES. THIS IS A SCAM!

Carol in RENO!


Hey my name is Rachael!

I just got an email from someone with the same name..

and an ad on FB that I was replying to...

did she send you pictures of a black and white puppy and then an all white one?? I have asked her twice where she is located with no reply.


I had the same issue as others. I got out before it cost me anything.

You can tell when the ads are written by foreigners.

The sentence structure and grammar are incorrect at times. Scamming innocent Americans is a reason many of these foreigners invading our country.

Tampa, Florida, United States #995759

I just had this happen to me im filling a police report an law suit against it. Im so freaking pissed right now..

this is crazy how these broke *** people can do some *** like this an get away with it.. smh


I also had the same issue. Just for my piece of mind, before I agreed to the shipping I looked up Jessica Vincente and the phone number associated with the craigslist ad.

Under her name + puppies this was all I found, but using the phone number ONLY I was able to find several ads all across the country for Siberian husky puppies needing a "fur"ever home. I'm in the Seattle area and when I emailed they asked all the right questions you would hope someone would ask when looking for a new home for their puppy.

They asked where I was located and then told me they were in Wyoming but the area code for the number on the ad was in Maryland.

I found 2 more ads via a quick Google search using the number on different sites with the same number. One in Arizona and another in Hawaii.

I sent an email back to them telling them I will only ship a puppy via a registered, certified, pet courier who was accredited with the Better Business Bureau, after that all I got was an OK and nothing else.


Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom #992806

Had the same thing danielmillow123 is a scammer and so is uship


Same thing just happened to me and my husband today and he's beyond pissed off and its not only towards them but also me for being naive


Omg I just came across this same situation. I went on craigslist looking for a husky puppy and I found an ad that stated the following:

"husky puppies looking for a furever home.

They are 12 weeks old have amazing personalities and have basic obedience training. Their hearts are filled with love. They're VERY sweet. They are looking for an active owner, or someone with a large backyard.

They will 'go to their crates' if you ask, and they are housetrained and not destructive at all. They walk very nicely on leash. the owner will consider separate homes for them if needed. Please help ben and Kate find a home.

You will fall in love at first sight!"

The ad also had a picture of a beautiful Siberian Husky. When I contacted them via text, they mentioned that they live in Minnesota and would ship them to me being that I lived 17hours away!!! I told them I was not comfortable with paying the rehoming fee without receiving the puppy at the same time. Needless to say (long story short) I picked up on it being a scam.

I'm so glad I found this report because I was reconsidering it. People are so desperate for money they would do anything for it. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I would have that number tracked and taken to court.

I will send you the direct link to the ad I saw. I'm not sure if it's the same people though.


Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, United States #975505

Craigslist is FULL of those scams! Craigslist has a warning posted on it not to send money to anyone.

Nobody gives away free purebreed puppies. Its Foreigners who run those scams. I see them all of the time. If they tell you they arent from your state and you need shipping, thats how you KNOW its a scam.

Had someone try telling me he was in Georgia and I am in NJ and was selling a Ford Windstar. He told me he was looking every where for this exact car. I am in NJ. Come on now, Windstars are VERY popular.

You can find one in Georgia. He wanted to send me a bogus cashiers check for it and have a shipping company pick it up. Thats another scam on Craigslist. Dont take Cashiers checks.

They look real, they are fake though. I can always tell its a Foreigner too running these scams because they send you emails and texts talking in a way that Americans do not talk. Such as I am much interested, and I cant think of any others at the moment. I have even seen it when I replied for a house for rent, they tell you they are in the military in another country right now, send them your security deposit or application fee.

Its a scam. If you dont see the item in person and get CASH, its a scam! So please be careful people!

So sorry for those of you that did get scammed. May those losers get their Karma!

Bloomington, Illinois, United States #961814

I'm the most upset person right now. I fell in love with these dogs in the picture.

This lady seemed so legit until she wouldn't tell me where she was located and I did some research on her name, email and pictures of these dogs and it's the same exact thing as this. I was under the assumption she really needed these dogs gone but it didn't make sense but I was still so hopeful! She has no got back to me about everything and I will not pursue in this as it seems like many have been scammed.

I'm sorry for those that are heartbroken and broke. People suck.

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