I found a lady on craigslist with husky pups -free, we texted and emailed. After she found out where I lived (nj) she said she lived in Seatle Washington, she could have the puppy shipped to me.

So the shipping company uship pro delivery needed a payment of $250.00 only by western union ( which should have sent a red flag up but I really wanted this pup),so I did as asked, they sent me the flight schedule. The next morning they email me to say they need another $770.00 for pet insurance where the supposed overlay was in Chicago I don't have the money -they said I could be brought up on animal abuse and negliigant charges.

Scam yes as soon as I emailed them that I was taking the emails and phone #s to the Redlion State police - which I just did- all contact stopped. her name was Jessica vincente his azia Wallace more then likely not their real names

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Thanks, I was wondering why her email felt off


The same person is selling Australian shepherds on CL. They just moved to Helena Montana and the puppy could be shipped to us.

I didn’t feel comfortable with shipping a puppy, especially not being guaranteed a puppy. Things didn’t add up so I investigated , googled the email and found you, craigslistpissedconsumer.com. I to am upset at this.

Especially now knowing the same scammer has been continually trying to scam people for years now!!! I think they have another puppy for sale in another city on CL ,Puppyless in California Thank You for putting this out there!


They are still at it, they got me with puppies. I wanted the dogs so badly to be real.

Do not trust anyone asking for immediate payment and so low. These people are trash.


Almost got taken in by David Hallman. Saw the red flags...discrepancies, poor grammar, stories didn’t add up, then came the “we’ve moved and will ship puppies” line of BS.

He did get my email address, so I will be on the look out for scammy emails. I’ve blocked him (her) but I’m sure they run with a number of people and email addresses.

I hate scammers so will be reporting this to Craigslist as well as the AG. Assume all pet ads are scams on Craigslist and work from that premise.


He’s at it again with a French Bulldog


I was just talking to “David Hallman” wanted 480 and included free flight to us. Had ad posted in our area but then said they just moved to South Dakota.

Thanks for posting this thread, I was gonna get the French bulldog but had some hesitation. Many thanks for posting this


***** CAUTION ***** This person is at it again, this time with French Bulldogs, emails this person is using are as follows > jessbaby9595@***.com > barbarambote@***.com and all the emails are the same story. see below.

Thanks for the interest in regards to the puppies I have for adoption. There is a male ( Jack) and a female (Jenna ). They are pure breed French BullDog puppies and A.k.C registered, vet checked and will come with all papers needed. The puppies are very playful and are all of absolute temperament as they also love playing with kids and other animals, both puppies are 10 weeks old.

We are giving the dog out for an adoption with no adoption fee because we just relocated to a non pets apartment so we can't keep them any longer.

We will be very willing to give you these puppies/puppy if you promise to never sell them! and we would like you to get back to us with answers to the questions below so we can have an idea of where the puppies are going to....


This woman is still doing the same thing with a frenchie puppy listing. Asked me the same questions and explained the exact same moving situation saying she just moved to Helena MT. She is now going under the name Jessica Turner and using jessbaby9595@***.com


We had something similar 11-30-2020 from a David Hullman for two Corgi pups! Ugh so disgusting to pray on people's emotions and finances.


Wait I'm currently talking to a David hullman about two Corgi pups. It's a scam???


Is this him wanting to make sure before I proceed with anything Hello, and thanks for getting back regarding our blue eyes Siberian Husky puppies.. Am David Hallman , married to a very loving woman and we have 3 children.

We have Purebred blue eyes Siberian Husky puppies for Adoption and our puppies are registered and of good health. They are current in shots,and are still AVAILABLE for adoption to any family who is ready to take one or both home. We got the puppies from my brother who passed away leaving no kids but kept the puppies as they were his own children and that is the reason why we are rehoming these puppies at very low price.$350 for one, $600 for two and $800 for three. They are 12 weeks old, THREE of them 1 male and 2 females by names( MAX ,NINA and TINA).

Find attached to this email their current pictures. If you are interested in purchasing any of our puppies, then you have to kindly answer some questions for me. -Have you owned a pet before? - Do you have a vet doctor?

-where precisely are you located? - Are you a breeder? - will you take all the puppies or just one? if one what sex?

-Do you have pets loving children at home? - Give me a Brief Description about your Environment? -Will you take good care of the babies like your own child? -Have you informed your family/landlord that you wanna adopt our puppies??

All I need is just a very caring and loving home for our babies where they will be well loved and spoiled to rotten. Find attached to this email pictures of my puppies .Thanks and will be waiting to read from you again David and family.

@Eldana Mxe

You know I am such an idiot for believing this and I can't believe I'm sending them more money!!! I have stopped and I have sent them $15200 I can't believe this.

That post should have been put down.

I am calling the police this is rediculous and I am going to get my money back!!!. ALSO do not trust Petslogistics.com they are not a real company they are a scam they have been cheating me from my money.

@Brannon Cbn

I also bought Max, and Tina those were the ones that I got!!!!

@Brannon Cbn

Or those are the ones I was supposed to get!!!!

@Brannon Cbn

I also was almost scammed by him for two free Golden's only had to pay for their shipping. Is add was almost the same as yours asking all the questions making it seem legit. I even told him I thought it was a scam an he sent me a photo of his passport and a picture of him and a baby with a police badge on


They are STILL at it!!! Two free goldens, same ad, same questions...Said they live in Norfolk VA but will ship my puppy....uh-huh. Sure .This is in Feb 21,2021


Oh my! I literally just got scam by him today..

thankfully I didn’t pay a lot and my bank is giving me the money back. Put I got the same pictures and I was paying for the male golden to be flown to me.


This is what I received Hi, Got your inquiry for the Siberian husky puppies.Its a male and a female, 12weeks old and attached to this email are more pics of them.I'm a Dj here in north Dakota.Just got a new job in South Dakota.Ive been off work since this pandemic.will be relocating next week end so I virtually need a home ASAP.was thinking of a rescue bit don't appreciate when they lock up pets behind bars.sounds crude to me.i think pets need love and human warmness.will rather go for an active home.I can ship them to you provided you promise to provide your all for them.$200 and $400 for both.I can ship and if interested.where are you located?






To the T! But for sphynx kittens this time!

He almost got me! He has a website called preciousesphynxkittens.com, which I also reported!

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