I have been using Craigslist for a number of years, mostly to sell stuff.

The common theme has always been, that over 90% of the Potential buyers contacting me, where in reality a bunch of scammers. Therefore I played it very safely by not leaving any phone number or precise street name.

After using other channels of sale: Face book, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace and other regional websites, we finally came to the conclusion, that Craiglist was collecting scammers only.

The next level, which we have reached now, is that Craiglist IS A SCAM ITSELF.

They keep deleting - without any form of reason or email notifications - almost all my sale posts (sport items, furniture, Italian watches, etc.).

I keep putting them back and they keep removing those, and referring you to their guidelines. So now you need to guess among the 25 pages written in small letters, WHY your specific items was removed.

Looking for customer support is like trying to find the Titanic under the Japanese Coast: Impossible.

After one hour of searching within the Webiste, I found an link to contact.I wrote to them, asking for explanations, never received any confirmation email or nothing

Long story short, because Craigslit is just a SCAMLIST: go use all other local channels out there.

This CRAIGLIST thingy has made its time and it is now dead

Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Account.

Preferred solution: read my email, solution is there, then close te business.

Craigslist Cons: All of a sudden there trying to get money outta you, No human contact to help with tech support, No customer service wtf, No protection from scams, Constantly required to prove i had a phone number.

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