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Court Judgment finally (and reluctantly) paid by Solise Morales.

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Court Judgment Outstanding: Chatham County, NC Courts, File No. 15CVM11, $1092.90

Additional Prior Customer Verbal Review (listen here): https://soundcloud.com/user92403****/professional-reference-on-solise-morales-ny-lens

Solise Morales resides in a very rural rented home in Chatham County, NC, where he is based and operates his business, NY Lens, primarily servicing the Raleigh-Durham, NC area and NY area remotely. We hired Solise based on an ad he had on Craigslist. We went under contract with Solise, establishing a video shoot date, which he later defaulted on, inflicting significant inconvenience on us and our schedule. We asked for a refund, which he reluctantly and very disrespectfully agreed to. After a week of lies and deception from Solise about providing our refund, Solise decided not to provide it to us based on his irrational discretion. We took him to court in Chatham County, NC (File No. 15CVM11) and he was found guilty, ordered to pay us $1092.90 (our deposit, plus court costs and other collection fees). To date, Solise has not paid us and the Sheriff’s department is actively seeking means to recover our judgment via writ of execution. Please do yourself a favor and avoid Solise Morales. There are many very talented and honest videographers to choose. Hopefully, we can save other people the headache we have had to go through with this review.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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This is in direct response to Rissi Palmer and husband Bryan Stypmann ridiculous claims and allegations.

Though this may not be the proper venue to air this but I certainly wasn’t asked by Bryan Stypmann what venue he would be initiating his attack against me.

Yes, they had booked a video shoot only to have (that no luck getting signed after 7 years, DIVA RISSI PALMER cancel the shoot at the very last moment. Maybe she’s can’t get signed because she’s too much depended on the novelty of being a black, female country singer rather than being a real talent.

I cut them both a deal off the pricing for the shoot Bryan’s repeated hounding…

I knew there was a red flag in working with Bryan after he send me back the contract because of a missing punctuation mark! (***!) They booked the shoot and the first shoot date was cancelled on their end because of the weather which we mutually agreed upon. In trying after to accommodate Rissi's back and forth because of new weather concerns that she had brought to my attention I agreed that we should shoot another date. I then booked another client. I called Rissi’s two days later to schedule a new date. Rissi says she now wants the original date and I told her that it’s booked. She then cursed me out big time! Against my better judgement I then cancelled the new client and informed Rissi that she was rebooked for the original date. Rissi then in a hissing fit now cancelled on me again! (In my mind I’m thinking the B-word) She then says “ (F) it, I want a refund, cause I’m not feeling the vibe!" I then expressed to Rissi Palmer that I do not give refunds on deposit for (Hissy Diva Fits!) There are no stipulations in the contract for this. My ONLY mistake in this whole ordeal is offering a refund a few days later, but I then changed my mind. Why should I offer a refund for a shoot that Rissi’s Palmers Tantrum!? Because I did later offer a refund for the deposit the judge order me to refund their $875 in which I paid plus court cost. Total amount paid $1041.32 including court cost. What I didn’t pay was the amount that the judge threw out! (see below) The $4508 that her SCHEMING *** husband Bryan Stypmann was seeking. Claiming that in one months time he was prevented from earning $4508 in interest from his tied up $875 deposit! *** thinking...) The ONLY reason why I lost the judgement for $875 plus court cost was because I did offer a refund in which I later changed my mind. After further thoughts, why would I refunds for a last minute cancellation that was completely unjustified hissy fit from Rissi. As a husband and wife team they act in unison via their management home based company Baldilocks LLC Entertainment 5921 Dunbarton Way Raleigh, North Carolina 27613-**** Tel: (919) 270-**** . BEWARE in doing legit business with these people! BELOW IS THE GARBAGE THAT BYRAN STYPMANN FILED ON BEHALF OF HIS NOT TOO TALENTED DIVA WIFE RISSI PALMER. And I never said she looks like a horse.


Winning a judgement doesn't mean justice was properly served.

We all know that in many, many cases the ruling has been wrong.

Don't be bitter Bryan H. Stypmann because your a frustrated wife beater that can't seem to get your over the hill, wife Rissi Palmer, who's weight fluctuates to much to be attractive a record deal.

We both know the truth.

And the truth is that because of the weather being uncooperative the shoot date had been rescheduled and accommodations were made many times appease Rissi's Palmers whining ways. Then only to have this wanna-be diva, catch a hissy-fit, and cancel the shoot.

And since when did renting a house in the country and having a home in New York become a bad thing?

And let's be clear, the sheriffs are fulfilling their duty. Not in seeking justice for you but because its their job to response to the garbage motions that you have bombarded the courts with.

So now you have completed another lack luster video for your wife Rissi Palmer and after having it online for over a month, with a whooping 72 likes, I cannot imagine that you'll ever secure a record deal.


I too had a very odd encounter with Sol. I booked him to video a speaking gig I had in Atlanta at the international conference of a large trade association and he sent me an invoice for the deposit.

The very next day I dropped a business check in the mail. The following day he called inquiring about the deposit. I told him the check had gone out the previous day. He asked where I sent it.

I replied, "to the address on the invoice." He asked why I did that when he offered online payment options and then told me he hadn't been at that address for 8 months! He just called today as I was headed into a meeting asking again about the deposit. I said the check should be getting forwarded to him via USPS. He said "down in Atlanta mail only gets forwarded for 6 months." What??

USPS website says 12 onths for all first class mail. In the middle of my meeting I get this text from him: Hi xxxxx, There’s something very suspicious about you and your sudden change in tone. I honestly don’t believe you’ve mailed any check but rather it was a cowardly ploy you on your end by not to not move forward. I suspect that you’re a closet racist and I no longer have an interest in working with you.

Good luck in fooling people. Best Regards, Sol Mora Direct: (917) 586-**** Office: (516) 779-**** Info@***.com www.NewYorkLens.com Needless to say, I immediately stopped payment on the check and have secured another videographer at a similar rate.

I speak all over North America and hence have worked with videographers in many states and Canada and have never expereienced something like this. Actually I am perplexed as to what happened here....quite unprofessional.

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