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On October 28th I was looking for a junk removal company and I found a odd on Craigslist and I found one so I call the company to find out what was the cost to remove my bedroom set my dresser with the mirror and my bed frame the guy said its $175 I said okay no problem I scheduled a pick up date for October 29th and he asked me what time I need him to come and removed my stuff I told him if he can get to my house by 8AM that would be great because I have work to attend that same morning ... okay he texted me can you send me your address so I texted it too him he didnt show up till around 8:41 AM yes I was still around because I had to collect the money from the atm to pay him to get the job done I stayed for like 15 mins then I left out for work so I gave my mom the money to give him for when hes finish with the job ..

now my mom ask him to please remove my wall mount for my tv . He did removed it but he stole my wall mount screws I contact this guy to find out where my screws is and he took long to reply then alil while after he said that he have them .. then I asked him if he can please bring me back my screws he never reply back too me until this day he replied back with some unprofessional feedbacks ...

I know this might sound corny but thats a sign of stealing and the reason why am writing this is because I dont know what he is capable of doing to his next customer if he can steal screws this guy can steal anything else from anyone else ... its so bad that he didnt even tell me his name but I have his number just Incase anyone ran into this number dont use his services he will talk to you nice like hes a real business man but deep down hes not be careful on Craigslist this is his number (516) 902-****

User's recommendation: NOPE BAD SERVICE !

Product or Service Mentioned: Craigslist Property Listing.

Preferred solution: I need him off of Craigslist because he can do it to anyone else .

Craigslist Cons: Crazy companies.

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