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Recently I started to use Craigslist to look for a part time job as recommended by some people. I put my resume and I had 3 bites.

All of them have been scams. I looked in your complaint list and the stories are all well know. THis really upsets me since u can do a better screening. I was even asked for money and sent a 3900.00 check to cash and bank said no funds.

This fool thought i would cash at my bank and be responsible for the money.. haha I am just so upset and your website and how careless you are and who post jobs on ur website. I am going to make this complaint know to authorities also and i have saved all communications and listings off your websites. Someone has to be responsible for what you allow those to do with good innocent people.

I speak harshly about craigslist because of my experience with this website. i guess i should list the names of the people who are frauds.

Anthony Hallmark St., Mark James, Thomas and Anita Johnson looking for personal assistants, house cleaners oh and i left out Kentrox computers in NY.. do not go open a Bank of American account.

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I have also looked on Craigslist for a job and i now have 5 checks from different people for 2500.00 or more, wanting me to cash them! Send some of em to people over money gram! i also have names and i will list them, i was also threatened that if i didnt do what he wanted he would call the FBI on me! People need to be very careful on craigslist, theres a whole bunch of crooks out there!


Nathan Parker -

Greg Klopfer -

Ramon Mendoza -

to SCAMS Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #973265 Now using the name David Palmer. I had a feeling it was a scam, so glad I looked it up.

to crystal707 #980177

David is listing for However on their site the job he is trying to hire for is not listed.

Thank you for sharing. I will not waste my time.


good for you for posting this article....knowledge is power, this website is becoming very popular and I enjoy very much people putting scams out there for everyone to see....this site has already saved me from making a big mistake.

average joe's fighting back


I too posted a resume on Craigs list and got a reply from Kendrox computers looking for data entry clerks, went through the online interview, was offered the job at $18/hr but then I decided to check them out and found this complaint, not sure what to do


Is it true that kentrox comp. inc. is hiring for PT jobs for some data entry.

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