Responded to craigslist for husky pup.

Ushippetsdelivery@ usa was to be shipper

They said $210 to ship, couple days later wanted $850 for some vaccinations. Then $650 for insurance and crate. Then they would deliver. Then claimed something happened and wanted $420 for another crate.

This is a scam email from the lady was a sob story about a little girl who passed away and wanted to find her puppy a home. Claims to live in Michigan.

Do not trust soniastokes1000@***.com phone number starts with 703 area code.

ushippetsdelivery phone is 214509****

They also want you to send it to cameroon to what they claim as their main office. The woman claims she paid for most of these costs. I had sent them $170 but I told them to stop contacting me because I have reported them to authorities. They have not contacted me since. I did report it to authorities and well as the scamguard and ftc

Monetary Loss: $900.

Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma

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I have just had the sme problem with Margaret Tenbam supposedly from Calgary. I sent $500 and no Westie pup.



these types of scams are all too common, i don't see how people fall for them anymore. if they want you to send $$ without actually being able to see the animal in question RED FLAG.

you should NEVER EVER EVER buy any animal online. i can guarentee you that there was no dog involved. they probably used a stock photo they found somewhere and claimed it was the one in question.

lesson learned. you are out $170 and won't see it again.


Because they don't think and just go with it. The buyer should not be paying the shipper to get equipment, or a crate because a place wouldn't accept it.

It's the sellers problem, not the buyers. Not even should they be sending money for the puppy to be vaccinated. It's the sellers responsibility. $800 for a vaccination from a vet?

Last time I did that with a dog I actually got from a physical location and sent it to the vet... Paid less than $80 for vaccinations.

Big difference. Scammers have been using the "sister, brother, mom, aunt, etc" have died, how do people just keep falling for it, I don't know.


Why dont you go to a kill shelter and save a life?They have hundreads of really cute puppies needing homes today.


They see no need to... There's puppies that are in kill shelters that get killed first than the adult ones. But they would rather spend over $2000 than spend $50 to get one from a shelter.

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