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I saw pitbull puppies on Craigslist. No info on the area or owners was given.

I texted the number and the lady replied saying she was going to contact me via email but she wanted me to text her to let her know each time I responded to her emails. She said her name was Lissa Schmidt. Supposedly she had just moved to Denver, Colorado so the pitbull puppies I was inquiring about would need to be shipped because I live in California. I was kinda hesitant because I don't like the idea of shipping pets and not meeting owners beforehand.

Anyway, "Lissa" agreed to sell me 2 pitbull puppies "Jasper" and "Pacheco" for $250 each re-homing fee + $50 each shipping fee = $600 in total. The next day, I received an email from "Uship" stating payment options. I red through the email and it says some *** about how paypal takes to long for money to be received so that is why they require you to send a moneygram. I looked at the name the moneygram is to be written to and it was neither the seller's name nor the "uship" company's name.

That really threw me off. The seller and "uship" anxiously contacted me to receive payment. The seller texted me and if I didn't respond immediately, she would send me a question mark or text "hello??" Anyway, I explained to the seller via text (only way we communicated besides via email) how I was uncomfortable moneygram-ing money to a name that was neither hers or to an official company name. She got upset and said that she had already dropped off the puppies and they were ready to be shipped.

It all seemed fishy to me so I googled "uship reviews" and read a review from a man who also saw a dog online and bought it via a seller using uship. He was charged $1400 and had many problems ALL to find out he was being scammed. Once I read that story, I texted and emailed the "seller" of the pitbull puppies revealing that I found out it was a scam and I never received a reply.

After being called 15+ times this morning and receiving so many texts. Luckily, I didn't make a payment but these people do have a lot of info on me - Name, address, who lives with me, etc.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of pitbull puppies. Craigslist needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Why the *** would you buy a pet to be shipped? This is so cruel and stupid I can't even begin to comprehend how awful you people are. GO TO A SHELTER.

Leesville, Louisiana, United States #1253461

I have recently been in contact with someone trying to sell me a sphynx kitten for 450$ and they stated that the money wasn't for them but for the refining fee. But I told them I wasn't wanting to spend so much on shipping so they suddenly told me they would drop the cost to 250$.

But wait, it gets even more sketchy... I then told him I still didn't want to spend so much because I had the feeling that a scam was coming on. So then he said "let's make a deal". The deal was, I help him advertise his other kittens and he will send the cat for free.

So apparently he's saying he will pay the shipping cost basically to just get rid of the cat. Weird right? Now this is where our stories match, he constantly would reply saying "hello??" as if I wasn't replying fast enough.

So I accepted the offer of helping him advertise the cat just to see if this was for sure a scam and he supposedly shipped the cat which is due to arrive sometime tomorrow. Let's see how this goes.


What does this have to do with the Shipping company? You were nearly scammed by someone USING the name of the shipping can hardly fault them for your stupidity.....right?

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