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My name is Adreanne. I paid 15.00 for 3 ads i posted yesterday night.

My account is on hold and i dont know why. This is ridiculous becuase i paid money and missing out on people contacting me.

I want answers please. My phone number is 860778****.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Adreinne did you ever get that resolved, the same thing happened to me.


I have been blocked since March 31st and NO idea as to why! Been using Craigslist for at least 13 years with no issues whatsoever and suddenly I am blocked/banned!

Their so called "customer service" and "help/support" is totally non-existent.

I can't even make a new account due to only one phone and it is attached to the blocked account. This sux!

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