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There are certain things that might keep us from going to a dealership to buy a car and for whatever reason when I go to for sale by owner list for a car that's all the *** I want to see I don't want to see the dealer that's why I went to for sale by owner and I don't think it's cool to let the *** dealership overtake the listings that should only be for sale by owners why are we seeing nothing but dealerships on that list that doesn't make any sense they have their own listings and that's where the *** they should be I don't think they should be in that list and it's just irritating to see the same damn cars over and over and over again before you get to a real offer for sale by owner. Dealerships are jerks for that!!! Unless you're going to let me give you $2,000 and walk with a car just that easily then get your *** out of this Lane.

User's recommendation: Everyone who needs this listing to be for sale by owners only should complain.

Preferred solution: All dealerships need to be removed from any type of listing not requiring that we don't have to go through traditional dealership it should be private owners ONLY!!!.

Craigslist Pros: Range, Big customer base, Bargains.

Craigslist Cons: Know that the business is a legitimate business, No human contact to help with tech support.

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