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I tried to several times to post an ad. CL said I need a phone authorization number.

They sent me the code but when I typed it in, they said it was incorrect. I tried several times with no success. They sent me another code and it was the same deal. I sent in for help and they sent me to a generic trouble shooting page.

Their customer support sucks!!!

This requires 70 words so I am now filling in dead space. CL sucks. CL sucks. CL sucks.

CL sucks. CL sucks. CL Sucks. CL sucks.

Cl Sucks. Cl sucks

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It would be one of two possible problems, first your phone number may not be compatible with their automatic system. All VOIP, and prepaid phone numbers won't work.

Second their system is not compatable with all browsers.

Definately not Firefox. Use MS Internet Explorer and it will work.

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